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Nice Riding Etiquette and Mastery podcast. Everyday Cyclist Podcast

Nice article as an introduction for new cyclists. 31 things you always wanted to know about cycling, but were afraid to ask.


      Welcome to We hope our Website will become your one-stop online resource for all things cycling related in the Greater Myrtle Beach area. Want to find a ride, go to our Calendar. Want to find a shop, go to shop page. Want to know the weather, go to our weather link. If you are a new rider, go to our new rider page. So, please sign up to join our cycling related civic organization and join us for a ride.

History is the result of the efforts of some long time Myrtle Beach and Conway area cyclists to make the Greater Myrtle Beach area (sometimes referred to as the Grand Strand) a more attractive and safer place to ride a bicycle. These concerned cyclists organized a meeting open to all interested parties named the “Grand Strand Cycling Summit”. The focus of the meeting was to get input from the cycling and endurance sport community to improve three areas;
  1. Communication
  2. Cooperation
  3. Community

The end result of that initial meeting is this Website, We want it to become the go to source for all cyclists interested in riding in the Greater Myrtle Beach area, so please do not hesitate to offer your feedback and suggestions. After all, this Site belongs to everyone in the community and combine that with the joy of riding your bike and you can’t help but be enthusiastic about riding on the Grand Strand. Enjoy!